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ahappychap replied to your post: My cousin, who is a little more than 2…

It’s going to be your turn soooooooooon! (lol I can imagine your relatives mocking you with this :P).

nOOOOO omg.

(but if they find me a guy as cute as my cousin’s guy then I’m totally in hahahahaha.)

My cousin, who is a little more than 2 years older than I am, just got her marriage fixed. She lives in India, but the guy lives here and I just looked him up and omg he’s so cute.
But ugh this is so scary cause my other cousin who is only a couple of months older is already fixed to get married to my other cousin who is about 3 or 4 years older than I am. WHY ARE THEY ALL GETTING MARRIED SO SOON OMFG.

Indian people are so ridiculous.

One time an aunty came up to me at a pooja and asked me what I was majoring in in college. I said “biomedical engineering” and she said that wasn’t what she was talking and asked what I was MAJORING in.

I looked at her confused and she continued to ask “I mean like Chemistry? Biology? Physics?” I shook my head and walked away.

This one Indian chick on fb just made a status saying she’s going to a certain college and said she is going to be a “pre-med major.” Yeah, okay. Pre-med is not a major, honey.

Every single Indian person I talked to who is going to college now says they are pre-med. God can I just take Indian parents and Indian children who do not know how to think for themselves and throw them off a cliff because I can’t deal. Can we not all just end up being engineers and doctors like PLS I WANT SOME DIVERSITY.

I Need your Help, Babe?

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Anonymous: How cute is Pakhi tho?




perfectionist-aamir: your blog is cuttte just like you! keep it up.

aawww thank you (:

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i am getting so faaaattttt

Idk man I’m all for everyone loving what they love but sometimes I really question people when they like music that just sounds like someone is screeching or whining. 

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Sometimes other people control my mood and I really shouldn’t let that happen. I need to fight it. Other people shouldn’t be allowed to make me feel happy or sad. I FEEL HOW I WANT TO FEEL, DAMMIT. 

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